Too Much Trouble

“Get out, Emmanuel!” growled my uncle.

“Take your brother and go.”

But where can two boys go when they’re on their own, on the run, with little money or food? All 12-year-old Emmanuel knows is that he has to look after Prince. They were his father’s last words to him.

On the train to London, Em and Prince have no idea where they will end up – but then they meet the mysterious Mr Green and his “friends”. And that’s when things start to spin out of control…


 Winner of the Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Award 2010

Shortlisted for the North East Book Award 2011

Shortlisted for the Warwickshire Junior Book Award 2012

Nominated for Spellbinding, the Cumbrian Secondary Schools’ Book Award 2012

Long-listed for the Waterstone’s Book Award 2012


An original interpretation of the Oliver Twist story reflecting a number of critical and significant contemporary issues.  Read the full review

Too Much Trouble recounts what it is like to be a child immigrant in 21st century England, outside ‘the system’ and below the radar of the social services.   Read the full review

This prize-winning story will grab readers’ attention from the opening moments and hold them spell-bound from then on.

Read the full review Much Trouble) will have its readers hooked right from the explosive introduction . . . a knuckle-biting journey of a read.  Read the full review

Imagine coming to a strange land, where you don’t speak the language, where everything is different, and being placed in the care of a distant relative who considers your presence a burden.  Read the full review

A good read for boys – even those who claim not to like books; get them to try it!  Read the full review

Unspoken menace stalks almost every chapter of this book.  . . . it’s hard to believe that such a gripping novel is Avery’s first. I can’t wait for the next.  Read the full review

Kids ConfidentialSupremely pacey but always accessibly written, the result is gritty, gripping and properly engrossing.  Read the full review

an interesting take on the seedy London underworld of deprivation and illegal immigration.  Read the full review

Available to buy now from many good retailers including:

Frances Lincoln,Amazon,Guardian Bookshop, and Seven Stories where you can get signed copies!


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