Seven Stories – Seven Stories is the first museum in the UK wholly dedicated to the art of British children’s books.

Cristy Burne’s Blog – A great writer, author of  the ‘Takeshita Demons’ series, winner of the inaugural Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Book Award.

Frances Lincoln – A great publisher who celebrates “the colourful world we live in and its varied ethnicities”.

Keren David’s Blog – Author of the excellent When I Was Joe.

Platforma – Arts and Refugee Network

Paper Tigers – A superb website about multi-cultural books in English.  Check out their blog too.

Nicola Morgan’s Blog – Great stuff, with a focus on writing to be published.

Robert Muchamore’s brilliant self-run website.

Crime Central blog – All about crime fiction, a worth while topic.

Neil Gaiman’s superb blog.

The Book Zone (For Boys) is a an excellent blog of news and reviews all about books for boys.

Wendy Meddour’s blog author of a series of books for Frances Lincoln Publishers.


3 thoughts on “Links

  1. Thanks for the links–I’ve had browse, and the Paper Tiger site in particular appeals, being a bit of a nomad.

    I also liked reading your insights into some of the process behind Too Much Trouble. It’s always interesting to know how other writers think, and to see that we seem to share common ground. Congratulations on getting it published–I’ll look out for it come June.

    All the best,

    • Thanks Paul. I was interested to look at your blog and see that you’re a teacher too! It’s a hard job teacher and writing at the same time. To teach well takes so much energy and heart and to write well takes even more.
      I see that you;ve travelled extensively too. Does your manuscript have an element of diversity about it? If so, have yout thought about entering The Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices competition?
      Thanks again,
      All the best,

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