Tot Ziens and Hoy

This week we say Tot Ziens (Farewell) to two big things in our lives.  

Firstly, after many years, I have stopped being a teacher.  I have worked in a number of schools in several capacities.  I have taught many hundreds of children.  I have helped lead a school.  And I have loved it.  But even good things come to an end.

We are also saying goodbye to the London and the UK.  Born and raised in the LDN my wife and I, have not known anything else (apart from a short stint in Birmingham.)  In 6 days we will wave goodbye to the big smoke and this green and pleasant land.

With these goodbyes come some big hoys (hellos).

I am going to working as a writer full time, writing books and working in schools.  I am excited to be writing more books for the wonderful Andersen Press.  And thrilled to be asked to be the author in residence at the fabulous Torriano Junior School, where I will be doing lots of workshops throughout the next year.

We are also, as you might have guessed, moving our family to the Netherlands and more specifically Amsterdam.  We cannot wait to start our new life in this exciting city.



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