Reader’s Reviews at Love Reading 4 Kids


Love Reading 4 Kids have been doing some lovely things with My Brother’s Shadow.

The editorial contributor, Julia Eccleshare (also children’s book editor at the Guardian), wrote a lovely review, calling the book ‘full of tenderness and hope.’

They’ve made it a featured book of the month for 9+ readers and 11+ readers.

But my favourite thing so far is the reviews they’ve got from some of their members. This is what they said:

Kids love reading and we invited a small number of members and browsers to review My Brother’s Shadow. You can read their reviews below.

Sam Harper, age 10 – ‘This is a very sad and thought provoking book. It isn’t the type of book which I would normally read but I really enjoyed it and the way it made me think about things.’
Mukunth Kowsik, age 12 – ‘A positive story about how love, care and encouragement can transform frozen hearts.’
Aimee Coffman, age 9 – ‘I enjoyed this book and would recommend it. It is very different to books I have read before as it deals with a sad topic but in a sensitive way but it has an uplifting ending.’
Benjy Randall, age 10 – ‘A highly enjoyable read with lots of interesting turns. I would highly recommend it.’
Felicity Wilcox, age 10 – ‘A great mixture of feelings put together to make a great book.’

Go to My Brother’s Shadow’s page on Love Reading 4 Kids to read the full reviews.


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