I want to be THE Tom Avery

There’s more than one Tom Avery! There’s more than one Tom Avery! Yell this to the tune of a well known football chant. What’s to be done about all these Tom Averys?

I remember watching The Dave Gorman collection, the TV programme that came from a stage show, which itself came from a bet between friends that Dave Gorman couldn’t find 52 namesakes. I remember watching this and thinking, I would love to meet someone with the same name as me. Love it!

It seemed likely I would. Tom. Thomas. It’s a very common name. At secondary school, I shared a class with 3 other Toms. Tom Avery (that’s me), Tom Beard, Tom Clarke, Tom Dyer. Yes. Tom A, B, C, D.

There’s plenty of us Avery’s too. (Although one less with the sad departure of James AKA Uncle Phil). You see the name Avery on scales the world over. Henry was the most famous pirate of his day. Tex created Buggs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Gillian and Harold wrote even children’s books like me!

And then I did. I meet one. Another Tom Avery. Not in the flesh, on the news. Tom Avery is world renowned explorer. He is the youngest Briton to ski to the South Pole. He’s written books to, about his exploits.

It wasn’t till I started writing and wanted my own website, that I found another one. Tom Avery is a well known Tennis coach. He has his own DVDs – Consistent Tennis.

So I came up with a dream, a dream to be THE Tom Avery. I jest (mostly). I’m content being in the Tom Avery club.

David Mitchell (comedian) and David Mitchell (novelist) seem to rub along just fine. Steve McQueen (artist and director) is still rocking his name inspite of the towering fame of Steve McQueen (actor). Paul Simon (curtain retailer) may have even felt he benefitted from confusion with Paul Simon (musician, singer/songwriter).

They’ve all carved out their own place in their own name clubs in their own fields. Maybe you only need to worry if, like Bowie, your namesake rolls in the same world as you. At the start of his career, Davy Jones, to save mix ups with the monkees musician, Davy Jones, changed his stage name to David Bowie. It worked.

Tom Avery, you stick to exploration and mountaineering. Tom Avery, you stay on the Tennis. I’ll keep on with the Children’s Novels. We can all be THE Tom Avery (in our own worlds).

One of the Tom Avery’s wrote My Brother’s Shadow, published 2nd January 2014.


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