My Brother’s Shadow Publication Day

Yesterday was the day, the day when you could finally get My Brother’s Shadow in the shops, or dropping onto your doorstep.

It’s a strange day for an author.  A book is a long time in the making.  I finished the first draft of My Brother’s Shadow two years ago.  My agent, Penny Holroyde, read that draft (and loved it), in early 2012.  Andersen Press, my fantastic publishers, took the book on that October.

Over the course of 2013, the book was illustrated by the wonderful Kate Grove, edited and re-drafted, proof read, set and bound as a proper book.  All sorts of people, booksellers, reviewers and the like have had that finished book for months.

So, for an author, the day of publication comes as a culmination of years of work – it’s a big moment.

At the same time it goes as unmarked as you let it.  Sure, you can start checking Amazon rankings and the like (maybe I have once or twice), keeping an eye out for reviews (first review by Katy Handley at Formby Books).  But you’ve already seen the book, given books to your nearest and dearest (who have perhaps grown a little bored over the two years you’ve been banging on about a book that they can’t touch), gazed at your prize for weeks.  Publication day itself can seem like a damp squib.

It’s the days that follow that get exciting, the previously mentioned reviews, those friends, having now read the book, sharing their enjoyment.  You have to make your own excitement on publication day.  If you follow me on twitter, you’ll have seen me enjoying a coffee and slice of pandora (simple pleasures), taking my sons out to London’s Science museum, watching a film and so on.

Of course we’ve had a party of sorts, we’ll have another one somewhere along the line.  It is a celebration after all.  We raise a quiet whoop with a glass of something bubbly.  It’s publication day!

I really hope your enjoy the book (like this guy pictured).  Can’t wait to hear what you think.



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