New Publisher. New Book. Exciting Times.

Quite some time ago I alluded to some exciting news in the offing. It has taken me a while to post anything concrete for several reasons, primarily because I wanted to be in a position to tell you about all the details. And now I nearly am.

So the big news – I am delighted to announce that my writing has found a new home at the fabulous Andersen Press. In January next year, Andersen will publish my next book – My Brother’s Shadow.

I can’t tell you how delighted I am to be working with the team at Andersen. They have taken my words and are producing an absolutely beautiful book. Thank you to everyone at my new, brilliant publishers.

What other details can you look forward to finding out about here?
> The wonderful illustrator that is producing stunning work, taking My Brother’s Shadow to another level.
> The fabulous front cover, which I have been showing to anyone who will stand still long enough.
> Publication date and launch – only 6 months away.
> My Brother’s Shadow abroad . . .

Here’s a smile to show how happy I am.



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