Guess who – Is this man qualified?


2:1 English Degree – Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Previous Employment
Reporter – Press and Journal, Aberdeen
Lead Writer – The Times, London
Assistant Editor – The Times, London

Other Work / Experience
Chairman – Policy Exchange Think Tank
Author – Michael Portillo, The Future of the Right
Author – The Price of Peace – Study of the peace process in Northern Ireland

Do you know who it is yet?

10 points if you said, Michael Gove, The Secretary of State for Education.

What here, I would ask, qualifies this man to lead educators in the most sweeping changes to education for a generation? Why should we listen to this man’s views on how, where, when and what this nation’s young people should be taught? What gives this man the right to call academics, many eminent, all having given their lives to education, who dared to question his reforms, ‘The Blob‘?

It cannot come as a surprise given his dictatorial reforms, his presiding over an unprecedented era of fear suffered my schools at the hands of his department and their right hand, Ofsted, his contempt for any educator with the ideals of a progressive and truly comprehensive, inclusive education system, that he is the first Education Secretary to suffer a vote of no confidence from not just be teaching union but multiple.

Does he care? His actions say a loud and resounding, NO! Is this man, who ignores years of educators research and experience, doing his job for the sake of children and their learning? Or biding his time, making shrewd moves in preparation for a shot at the top job? Sadly, it seems the latter.

When he applied for a job at the Conservative Research Centre, he was told he was ‘insufficiently political’ and ‘insufficiently conservative. I’m not the first to say, but it remains true, Michael, you are ‘insufficiently educational’ and ‘insufficiently caring’ for your current job.


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