Competition – Parents are wonderful because . . . – 5 days till In Too Deep

When I was a kid, the magic of Christmas just happened – stockings appeared, presents mounted up beneath the tree, I was stuffed with delicious food.  Now I’m a parent, I’ve seen behind the curtain.  I now know the agonising over presents, the hours spent choosing, returning when they’re not the right colour, wrapping, sometimes making.  I know the sweat and tears that goes into that dinner, not literally thankfully.  Parents are wonderful.

In Too Deep, due for publication in 5 days, is about Prince and Emmanuel’s discovery that what they need more than anything is their parents and the actions consists of their battle to get them back.  Parents are wonderful.

So, in celebration of parents and this publication, I am launching my ‘Parents are Wonderful Because . . . competition’.  The prize – a signed copy of my new book.  To enter – post a comment here starting with, ‘Parents are wonderful because . . .’  The winner, the best reason why parents are wonderful, will be announced on January 3rd, the day of publication.





5 thoughts on “Competition – Parents are wonderful because . . . – 5 days till In Too Deep

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