August Writing Tips

For a while now I’ve been thinking about how I write and what tips I have to offer the world. So, August is going to be my month of writing advice, thoughts on the process, how I go about writing a book.

I’ve written 4 and 3/4 books now, one published, Too Much Trouble, one due to be in January, In Too Deep, and two which . . . well, watch this space – I may have some news to report soon! So my writing advice is limited to this experience and of course borrowed from 101 other writers, more experienced than myself.

Before then, while you wait for my pearls of wisdom, I thought I’d share a few links to some great resources in the writing direction. First check out this list of incredible authors and their Ten Rules For Writing Fiction. If that’s wetted your appetite, you may want to check out Patrick Ness’ writing advice that he wrote while writer in residence at booktrust. (While on Patrick Ness, if you haven’t read A Monster Calls, you must!)

Happy Olympics everyone!


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