The Future at Frances Lincoln

To this blogging bandwagon I am quite late.  Keren David, Christ Westwood, Zannah Kearns and Cristy Burns, to my knowledge, have already shared this sad news.  I’ll save the details, as I am not privy to the ins and the outs, but, in short, Frances Lincoln, publishers of my first two books, Too Much Trouble and In Too Deep, after a takeover by Quarto, are closing their junior fiction and YA lists.  (They will still be taking picture books, poetry, information books in fact anything that’s not b/w  fiction, i.e. novels)

Very sad news.  In the past few years, some excellent authors have found their homes at FL, several who I’ve followed very closely and ‘known’ through the blogosphere, particularly those, who, like me, had their books discovered through the Diverse Voices Award – Cristy and her excellent Takeshita Demons series and Helen Limon with Om Shanti, Babe, which I cannot wait to read.  Even sadder for the team at FL who have established such a superb list.  Again I won’t say more, not my place.

Some snippets of good news in this situation

Thankfully for me, which is not the case for all the writers, and my heart goes out to those whose contracts have been rescinded or series will now sit incomplete, In Too Deep will still be published next year.  The publication date has moved forward, January 13th now.  In an industry that moves at the speed of an arthritic tortoise, that’s very soon.

The Diverse Voices Award is not finished.  It will still go ahead in 2013.  Sadly FL will no longer be able to offer the winning book and writer a contract but will still award the prize and give an unpublished manuscript a valuable platform

In a culture of cuts it was still shocking to hear that a fabulous list at the start of its life has been brought to a close.  We crack on though.  We move on.  We write.


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