The Title Arrives

Not in a dream, but in an equally ‘eureka’ moment, the title for the Too Much Trouble sequel Is decided.

I’ve had the privilege of naming two children, my sons, Caleb and Rocco, and naming this book was a similar process, if you will allow me to compare, in some small way, any part of writing to parenthood. Lists were made up, the merits of and drawbacks of certain names considered, compared, and ultimately rejected. Eventually, one name just fits and you can’t believe that you considered any other.

With my first son, we thought the name was decided, then the little squishy one arrived and we knew we’d got it wrong. With this book, it was entirely written, in some part edited, played with, squeezed into shape, but the title, well it just wasn’t the title.

But, assisted by some very smart friends, the title has now been found. Enough adieu, here it is . . .

In Too Deep will be coming to a bookshop / web retailer near you soon(ish).


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