What’s Your Favourite Picture Book?

We would love to hear from you about your favourite picture book of all time.  It could be a modern classic or a forgotten gem from your childhood.  Tom’s decided he’ll go first.

My favourite picture book is The Lion and Albert.  I love everything about this book and spent many hours poring over Caroline Holden’s beautiful illustrations and trying to decipher Marriott Edgar’s dialectic rhyme.

The text is taken from a monologue written by Marriott Edgar and usually performed by the great actor Stanley Holloway.  It tells the story of Albert Ramsbottom’s family trip to Blackpool where the titular character encounters the great lion Wallace who eats the foolish boy.  As a child  had no concept of the Lancastrian accent and certainly didn’t understand all of the wit that Edgar wrote with but still found the writing intoxicating.

Caroline Holden’s choice to present the text as a holiday scrap book is inspired, especially when we get to the photos of police station when the boy’s parents try to seek compensation for the loss of their son.  Holden does her job brilliantly, illustrating the words with a richness that elevates the story, bringing it to life.

If you would like to share your favourite picture book then please write a couple of paragraphs and send them to teamavery@gmail.com.


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