Official Launch at Diverse Voices Award Ceremony

I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of a more inventive title than that!  Yesterday, as I posted earlier, was the Diverse Voices award ceremony at Seven Stories, Newcastle.  But, as well as seeing Helen Limon pick up the prize, the event was also the official launch of Too Much Trouble.

The day began at Atkinson Road Primary School where I met a lovely group of pupils, talked about the book and led a drama workshop exploring some of the themes.  A huge thank you to the children who took part and the teachers that let me take over their morning.  I’m hoping that they’re going to send some of their work my way and I’ll stick some of it up here.

Me with the wonderful students who helped by making a freeze frame of a scene from the book.

We then shot back to Seven Stories where I had the pleasure of meeting some more fantastic children who had travelled from several local secondary schools to come and meet me.  It really was a treat to meet them.

Next we moved on to the big event.  Kate Edwards from Seven Stories introduced the event followed by Janetta Otter Barry from Frances Lincoln who spoke about the previous winners, The Takeshita Demons series by the lovely Cristy Burneand my own Too Much Trouble.  Then I was up, I gave a little taster of the workshop I had done earlier that day with the help of some wonderful children’s fiction students.

Helen Limon receiving the award from John Nicoll

Finally, came the big announcement, another big well done to Helen Limon.  I will be posting an interview with her tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who was there for your kind support of the book, especially if you came and got one signed, which I’m starting to love!


6 thoughts on “Official Launch at Diverse Voices Award Ceremony

  1. Hi Tom, great to meet you yesturday – what a lovely event! Your workshops were a big hit and I loved the reading. Too Much Trouble is great and I will be demanding a signature the next time we meet.

  2. Hi Tom

    A great day and fun to take part in the freeze frame.

    It’s very inspring to meet you and also to see Helen and Karen receiving their awards.

    It’s on with the dissertation now and I’ll keep you posted with progress. Thanks for signing my book it means I can scribble all over the copy I already had while I’m analysing it!!

    Claire aka Wendy

  3. Hi Tom,

    Read the MS in one sitting… Repeat performance with the published version. It’s a tremendous first novel; you have every reason to be proud of your achievement. I look forward to the sequel, prequel, or whatever it is you decide to write.

    Cuth Earl

  4. The children at Atkinson Road Primary were keen for Tom to teach them some Cockney and quickly picked up, “Aw-right, mate”. Tom, on the other hand, struggled with the Geordie greeting, “Y’Alreet?” – Tom, have you been practising? Can you say it yet?

    Thanks for taking part in this year’s Diverse Voices events – it was great to see you at Seven Stories again – good luck with Too Much Trouble.

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