A Few More Reviews

With only 2 days till the (official) publication of Too Much Trouble reviews are beginning to trickle in.  Here are the links to two that went up today.

Gill Robins at The English Association says,

The sophistication of the narrative, and the skill with which violence and menace are insinuated but rarely explicated, makes this book suitable for a wide range of readers. Although aimed at 8 – 12 year old boys, it would be enjoyed by older readers and it would also read very well aloud. Challenging questions are prompted in the reader’s mind, about honesty, integrity, loyalty, freedom and bonds of family and friendship. Avery demonstrates a clear, sympathetic understanding of children’s social hierarchies, the adrenalin rush of committing a successful crime, and the human need to belong, even when the only choice left is belonging to a criminal gang.  Or is it the only choice?

A big thanks Gill.

And Parent’s In Touch say,

This is a gripping story – it really draws the reader in and Emmanuel’s determination to do the best for his brother makes him a very sympathetic character. A good read for boys – even those who claim not to like books; get them to try it!

Another huge thanks.

If you have found these quotes enticing you can get your copy from Frances LincolnAmazonGuardian Bookshop  as well as many other online retailers.


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