Routine: Pretentious or Purposeful

I am beginning to establish a routine to my writing but I am not convinced of its merits; am I creating routine merely to make myself feel more like ‘a writer’?  Or are these pre-writing rituals keys to greater productivity? 

I put my slippers on then flick the sitch on the kettle.  As the kettle boils I open up my writing desk and turn on my lap-top.  The water ready, I brew a small pot of mint tea.  The tea goes from my morrocan tea-pot to my crushed-plastic-look ceramic cup; both items hold special significance for me.  I fire up the internet, look through the news head-lines (even if I’ve already listen, read or digested them elsewhere), check my email and my traffic here.  That final one is, of course, pure vain indulgence.  Finally I can start writing.

Or more precisely, reading; I will read my last sessions work, check, correct and cut, until it’s shape is slightly more palatable.  However the most important element of this reading is to ensure consistency, every character must sound the same as they did yesterday, the words they use, the words they don’t and the way they use them. 

Okay, now I can start writing.


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