Collaborative Writing

I’ve been trying something new with a writer’s workshop I run with a group of children.  They are writing collaborative stories using a wiki.

All three groups started with the same opening.

When Kiran woke up that morning, it seemed like an ordinary day, little did he know that his life was about to become far from ordinary.

‘Come on Kiran,’ his mum called, ‘your breakfast’s ready.’
Kiran rolled out of bed and grabbed his dressing gown, he slipped this on, along with his slippers before slouching out of his room, across the landing and down the stairs.
‘Morning mum.’ He said, as he entered the kitchen.
‘Morning darling,’ she replied, ‘Oh, this parcel arrived for you.’
She handed him a square package wrapped in brown paper. A tingle went up Kiran’s spine as he took it in his hands.
‘What is it?’ He asked.

Each member of the group has a log-in and can add to their story as they see fit.  It’s lots of fun, seeing how the different groups have developed their stories. 

You can check them out here.


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