Uncorrected Proof

I was very excited to open my post box and find a package from my publisher today.  A package which I’ve been anticipating for some time with untempered excitement.  The uncorrected proof of Too Much Trouble.

Doesn’t it look cool?  It’s going to look even cooler when it’s got it’s proper cover though.  It’s made it all very real and very exciting.  It’s got a proper ‘book’ font, dedication, about the author section, very surreal stuff.

In short, I LOVE IT!  Can’t wait for the real thing now.

Have taken a break from writing A Brief Happiness to put my hand to some short stories to be read aloud.  My main character, a boy who’s always getting himself in and out of trouble.  Each story is around fifteen hundred words and recounts one of his scrapes from the point of view of his best friend. 

So I thought I’d ask for a bit of help.  What’s the worst scrape that you or your friends ever got into during your school days?  Feel free to comment.


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