Long Time, No Post.

Sorry for my long absence, it has been a busy month.  With Too Much Trouble finished, the cover completed and proof copies on the way it’s been time for new things.

A week ago I began an exciting new job at a wonderful junior school in Camden, London.  I’ve been busy planning, preparing my classroom and polishing my rusty teaching skills.  I had a tough start with my class, especially with a few lively boys.  But we’ve all settled in now and those same lively boys are some of my favourites.  Sorry, no I don’t have favourites really!

New baby on the way, just a few short months to go then they’ll be three Avery boys.  Can’t wait, but naming a baby is even harder than naming a character, as you might expect.

And new novels.  As well as continuing to write my Prince and the Pauper tale, which incidently has a name, A Brief Happiness, (let me know what you thnk of the title!)  I have started a fantasy novel which I’m quite excited about.  It seems to be a much longer term project than A Brief Happiness, which is coming along quickly.

A further quick note on fantasy novels, can I highly recommend Garth Nix’s wonderful trilogy, Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen.  Some of the finest fantasies I’ve read in recent years, well worth investing some time in.


One thought on “Long Time, No Post.

  1. Hey Tom,

    Congratulations on the New Mini-Avery and Too Much Trouble and YAY for your new projects…teaching and writing and Dadding: you must be uber busy!
    And yes, Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen are brilliant. I bought all three after reading a friend’s copies.
    And I love the title too – A Brief Happiness. Sounds very poignant!
    CHeers and congrats!

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