A new place to write

A few years ago I took my first and only holiday alone to the semi-exotic Marrekech.  Today I found a wonderful tea bar that took me right back there.

I’m not the kind of person to do anything alone.  In a previous exsistence I shared a flat with some great friends and used to regularly call them away from whatever they were doing in their rooms, just to watch television with me, because I could not bare to do it alone.  My wife puts up with this trait very well, happy to appease my whim for company at the oddest times. 

So going on holiday alone was a big thing for me, so much so that one of those same flat mates refused to believe I was going until I was actually gone.  It was great, Ihad a fantastic time and can highly recommend Marrekech. 

For me, it has an easy blend of exoticism, from the teeming bazaars to the snake charmers to the hidden archaelogical gems, and, for want of a better word, Europeaness, from the very continental breakfasts to the wide useage of both French and English.  It was the first place I heard a city wide call to prayer from the hundreds of minarets.  It was the first place I saw a snake charmer.  It was also the first place I tried mint tea, which is, seemingly, drunk with every meal.

It is also, such a busy city that I was never at a loss for company.

Being a writer, I have to work alone.  Which has it’s up sides and it’s downsides.  I get to call all the shots, but I do get a bit stir-crazy if I’m not careful.  So in a bid to remain sane I tried out a new place to write today very close to home and found a wonderful tea bar which serves very authentic, beautifully fresh, mint tea.

Libertea, Marlborough Road, Upper Holloway, what a gem.  I had a lovely afternoon, drinking mint tea, listening to their eclectic music and even managed to write two chapters for my modern take on The Prince and The Pauper.  (Which remains nameless at the moment if anyonehas any bright ideas?)

In other news, I have seen the cover for Too Much Trouble!  Very exciting!  I am just waiting for a quote to be confirmed before I will unveil it right here, hopefully at the weekend or early next week.

While your waiting for that check out the cover to Cristy Burne’s new title The Filth Licker.  A wonderful cover and much anticipated second novel.  Well done Cristy!

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