Prince or Pauper?

Following on from my previous post I have a new question.  Whose perspective should I write from?  The Prince or The Pauper?

My heart and my head say pauper.  The everyman.

However, The Prince’s story and voice has appeared in my head and I have nothing on The Pauper.

The Prince lives with his father, a footballer / actor (can’t decide), he has every luxury, literally anything he could want, apart from his dad.  His dad’s always away or out.  He has a tutor, a driver and a house keeper that he spends his time with but no real friends.

The Prince is desperate to experience ‘the real world’ and not his closeted version.  He is desperate for real relationships.  He is desperate for freedom.

Is that a story people want to read?  Or is it a case of ‘my diamond slippers are too small’?

On another note, I had to right a quote for a press release today.  Wow that was tough.  It didn’t seem daunting, just a few sentences expressing how I felt but I ummed and ahed over every word.  I guess that’s the same as any writing.  Every word in it’s right place.


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