Back to London

We had a confirmed moving date yesterday.  Moving back to London on 16th July.  Absolutely can’t wait to be back in the capital that I love.

Need to find a flat now.  Kentish Town, Holloway or Finsbury Park.  Any ideas?

Probably my favourite view of London

Thinking about starting a manuscript for a book of London walks.  Would be a great excuse to walk, read and explore the city and also something very different to write about.  Might keep my other writing fresher.

Have never written non-fiction though.  Need to do some thinking and some research.


2 thoughts on “Back to London

  1. Hi Tom!

    First off, congratulations on winning the award – absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to see your book in print some time soon …! I never knew that you were even interested in children’s literature – i did my English Lit dissertation on a particular type of young girls’ stories of the 60s and 70s. I am so interested to read your work and get inspired for my own writing!

    Just commenting on this blog post because that is also one of my favourite view in London – I never tire of it!

    Anyway, I will be following your blog avidly now that I know about it! Please give mine and Kieren’s love to Chloe and Caleb.

    Jenny (McIntosh)

    • Hey Jenny,

      Cheers, yeah it’s well exciting! I didn’t know that you wrote either?!
      Yes that is the best view, just brilliant, that’s one reason to live in South London. Apart from that North London is where it’s at! Haha.
      Big love to you guys,


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